Eagle Bay USA

Bring on the oohs and aahs. This combination of squares and rectangles has the appeal of a brownstone in Georgetown. Both dramatic and simple, these pavers come in four different sizes – 6” x 6”, 6” x 9”, 9” x 9”, and 12” x 12” – for a nostalgic appeal. Select from Chamfered, Antiqued, Textured or Cobbled.

Paver Patterns: CottageStone/Running Bond 6×9 only
Paver Patterns: CottageStone2/Running Bond 6×9 + 6×6
Paver Patterns: CottageStone3/”I”
Paver Patterns: CottageStone4/ 90 Herringbone
Paver Patterns: CottageStone5/90 Mod. Herringbone

Product Specifications